About Punk Monkey Productions

Photo Credit Wil Adashek

Photo credit LemonMelon Photography

Punk Monkey Productions (formally Epiphany Productions) was formed initially as a theatre production company in 2008, when they were commissioned to stage a series of original written one-act plays, Sex, Love and Time Travel by Daniel Weisman.  

Based in the notorious North Hollywood Arts District, Punk Monkey Productions set out to return to the basics of theatre and focus primarily of performance and storytelling, feeling it was more important for the audience to use their imagination without the distraction of elaborate sets and theatrical effects.  The following consecutive years birthed the staging of two full length plays by acclaimed playwrights, Private Eyes by Steven Dietz (2009) and Nicky Silver’s ​The Maiden’s Prayer ​(2010).

In 2011, Punk Monkey Productions ditched sets and scripts all together to produce Hey Neighbors Valley Improv Festival, featuring improv teams from the top improv training centers in Hollywood, including Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City and iO West (formally improv Olympic).  

In 2012, Punk Monkey Productions launched their first year of PL.A.Y Noir, an annual festival of film noir inspired one-act plays.