Punk Monkey Productions will be opening submissions for their 2018 productions of PL.A.Y Noir in January 2018.For In the meantime, please visit our friend's at PlaySubmissionsHelper.com/blog for other submission opportunities.

In 2011, PMP posted a call to submissions and produced its first year of PL.A.Y Noir with a mix of the classic 1940s Noir, including the re-restaging of The Zone Ranger, Your Name on a Cloud by Michael W. Moon, Antethesis​ by Sean Engard, and contemporary plays, Silencing Silas by Anthony Mora and Shoofly by Ann Coverly.  

Currently, Punk Monkey Productions receives hundreds of submissions not only from the continental United States and Canada, but has also received plays from the UK and Ireland, Spain, Israel, Italy, France, as well as, New Zealand and Australia.

PL.A.Y Noir - A Brief History

PL.A.Y Noir 2017 Selected Entries

Punk Monkey Productions had a wonderful 2017 production of PL.A.Y Noir. Thank you to all the playwrights who allowed us to present their work.

Vixen by David-Matthew Barnes

All the Suspects by Daniel Weisman

Blonde Noir by Michael Cote

Swindled Heart by Dagney Kerr

Double Negative by Carl L. Williams

beatnoir by Joe Janes

PL.A.Y Noir celebrated its sixth year of bringing the danger, suspense, and mystery of the Film Noir style to the stage this past September.  Inspired by the originally written one-act The Zone Ranger, by Ben Goldstein and Mac Taylor and starring Tony Award Winner Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen) and singer-songwriter Kathryn Gallagher, which James Elden directed at Harvard Westlake School in 2008, PMP decided to dedicate an annual one-act festival to one specific genre.