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​​​The first five plays from the inaugural year of PL.A.Y Noir including Shoofly by Anne Convery, Antethesis by Sean Engard, Silencing Silas by Anthony Mora, Your Name on a Cloud by Michael W. Moon, and The Zone Ranger by Ben Goldstein and Mac Taylor.

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The third book in the series of Film Noir styled one-act plays. PL.A.Y Noir 2014 includes Infidelity Clause by Jim Shipley, Death Wears Fishnets by Brad Bolchunos, The Last Bullet by Charles Robertson, Kitty of Sawbuck City by Laura King, Bedsheets by Anthony Donald Kochensparger, and Dance with Danger by Travis Blue. 

PL.A.Y Noir - 2012

PL.A.Y Noir - 2014

PL.A.Y Noir - 2013

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A collection of plays from the second season of PL.A.Y Noir  featuring Speak No Evil by Michael W. Moon, Desperate Desires by David Galanter, Stiff by Hope Thompson, and The Zone Ranger by Ben Goldstein and Mac Taylor. Includes a link to the short film version and Bogart Film Noir Competition Winner, Speak No Evil.